Oracle VM for SPARC: Move PCIe Fibre Cards into Guest Domains

I recently worked on a project where the customer wanted to move a Fibre Channel HBA card into a Solaris 11 Guest Domain, making it an I/O domain. Here are the steps necessary to perform this task.

Note that you will want to be extremely careful about which slots you place the Fibre Cards in.  On the T5 system I was performing the work on, for example, one of the HBA cards was initially in slot 6. Slot 6 belongs to pci_0 in this example, which is also the main PCI bus that contains the Solaris boot drives for the Control Domain!


In this example, I have two PCIe Fibre Channel HBAs.  I’m moving the one in slot 4 and the one in slot 1 to two separate Guest Domains.



Output that follows is from the two separate Guest Domains.