The Battle of Darrowshire


I recently found this music video by Cranius.

It inspired me to complete the one ‘raid’ quest still on the books after getting Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms.

The screenshot is a poignant end to one of the epic vanilla World of Warcraft quest lines.

I have no idea whether it will exist after Cataclysm (it is available in 4.0.1), but the video linked above stands as a fitting tribute.

The Battle of Darrowshire was labeled a ‘raid’ quest because it required a larger group of level 60s to take on the protection of the two heroes in the Battle of Darrowshire, Davil Lightfire and Joseph Redpath.  Joseph Redpath was turned to the scourge during the Battle, and went on to do great damage in the Eastern Plaguelands.  After the inevitable death of the two heroes of the Battle, your task is to kill Joseph Redpath before he can do that damage.

History cannot be changed, only bent a little.  Sometimes, it is enough.


Cenarion War Hippogryph

I play World of Warcraft.  My hunter, Myrtal, is my primary.  He’s the one that is 12 quests short of Loremaster.  Of course, they’re all 5-man quests in IceCrown at a time when the old guilds are on hiatus and finding folks who want to complete quests is next to impossible…

Goelph was my first character – a druid.  I started playing back in March 2008, just when the Cairne server came online.  Needless to say, he got lost in the shuffle for a year or so when I found hunters were easier to play.

There wasn’t anyone around to tell me about the mechanics of World of Warcraft when I started.  It was almost 4 months before I found out I could actually sell things via the Auction house.  It is my intention to speak about those mundane aspects of play, as well as to recount fun things to do that don’t involve Raids or the Dungeon Finder.

Enough for a first pass, I think.  I’ll be back.